About Jannette

I’ve taught computer skills to senior citizens; briefed travelers on tours to Cuba, Morocco, and Laos; and helped several hundred software publishers make the most of a complex, multifaceted ecommerce platform.  On my own time, I enjoy messing around with different Linux desktop distributions and custom Android ROMs, so I’ve spent hours wading through half-completed wikis, jargony user forums, and outdated FAQs, looking for the one tidbit of information I needed. Thanks to these experiences, I’ve developed strong instincts on how to reach my audience– whether that audience is a group of grannies or a grouchy software developer.

After years doing bits and pieces of the job, I’ve recently completed a technical writing certificate from Century College and am eager to parlay my expertise into a career as a technical writer.

You’ll find my full resume here, and I welcome you to connect with me on LinkedIn.